"One of top discoveries from globalFEST 2017" - NPR -

“SsingSsing, from Korea, drew its songs and vocal style from Korean folk tradition, but transmogrified them by way of glam-rock, disco and psychedelia: an irreverent but intriguing hybrid.” - The New York TImes -

"What I saw was killer!" - Bill Bragin, co-founder of globalFEST -

Authentic Korean traditional vocals with rock band music, combined with an extravagant visual style and stage manners.

Six musicians from diverse genres join creative forces in the eccentric band SsingSsing.  The group welds two totally disparate elements: rock band music and the typical authentic, somewhat oscillating vocals from Korean folk songs, while also including elements from ballads, pop music and shamanist rituals.  Featuring Hee-moon Lee (lead vocal), Young-gyu Jang (Music Director/bass guitar), Da-hye Choo (vocal), Seung-tae Shin (vocal), Chul-hee Lee (drum), Tae-won Lee (electric guitar/keyboard), SsingSsing creates a unique vibe while introducing elements of Korean traditional music, such as Gyeonggi Sori (folk songs from central province around Seoul), Seodo Sori (folk songs from northwestern provinces in North Korea), and Seoul Gut (shamanistic ritual from Seoul) in their works.

"In Korean traditional art, male shamans, called baksu, have the body of a male.  But as mediums, they need more than a single sexual identity, because they’re channeling both male and female spirits. When I act a female character and sing, I have to overcome the fact of my being a male sorikkun (singer), and try my utmost to bring a more neutral, unisex feeling to the performance. It sounds silly, but I feel like going to back to the sensibilities of my youth, when I liked Madonna, helps. Isn’t Madonna is the mother of all sexual minorities, embracing all genders? [Laughter] My teacher, master pansori singer Lee Chun-hee (designated holder of Important Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 57) saw the show and joked that he thought Leslie Cheung of Farewell My Concubine(1993) had come back to life." 

- Hee-moon Lee (Korean traditional song vocalist and collector of platform) -