September 2018 (to be announced in early 2018)



1/13/2018 APAP|NYC Showcase

1/19/2018 @ Rockwood Music Hall

Park Kyungso X Kim Chaek

Korean Traditional Strings meet Jazz Drums.

As a gayageum player, composer and improviser, Park Kyungso sways between traditional and contemporary music – a truly preeminent contemporary musician. She is known for expanding the scope of gayageum music and challenging its often traditional role in Korean cultural expression. Having debuted in 2004, Park’s collaborations and performances have spanned a variety of genres, from jazz music and avant garde improvisation to experimental music. She has become known through her solo performances and collaborations with world-renowned musicians, such as Jaques Morelenbaum, Benjamim Taubkin, and Andy Sheppard.

As a music educator, Jazz musician, Korean traditional musicologist, anthropologist, Kim Chaek is the one of the most important figures in Korean music. Kim takes inspirations from all continents- Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas- and translates them with the beautiful language of drums and percussions. His debut album, "The Methodologies", had won the Best Jazz Album of the year in the 7th Korea Music Award. Kim is also active in academia; his recent thesis on Korean jazz and music education has received an award by the Korea Music Educator Society in 2017.

Although the music of Park Kyungso and Kim Chaek started from different roots, their music is presented through the common denominator of Korean music, improvisation and avant-garde. A duet of gayageum and jazz drums will invite audience to a new level of musical experience that they have never seen before.