July 2018 (to be announced in early 2018)

Lee Heemoon & Prelude: A Korean Man

Korean folk songs meet jazz for a unique blend of music and comedy.

Originally created for the National Theatre of Korea, A Korean Man is a show that is now touring the world, taking a hilarious look at male and female roles today, through the use of Korean folk music and jazz.

Led by an extraordinary minyo singer, Lee Heemoon, seven Korean men create today’s sarangbang (salon to receive guests in traditional houses) combining Gyeonggi minyo (Korean traditional folk music) and jazz performed by Korea's top jazz group Prelude, accompanied by exciting minyo duo Nomnom.

Lee Heemoon (Director/lead vocal)
Choi Jinbae (Music Director/bass)
Ko Heean (piano)
Richard Rho (tenor saxophone)
Han Woongwon (drums)
Shin Seungtae (chorus/A comedy act)
Jo Wonseok (chorus/A comedy act)