Han Chungeun Band

Contemporary Korean folk music played with serene and soulful sound of bamboo flutes combined with modern instruments.

Trained in the tradition of classical court music of Korea that traces its origin back to 5th-6th century, Chung Eun pushes the boundary of Korean bamboo flutes, Daekeum and Sokeum to cross over the genre and brings the acoustic and soulful sound of bamboo flutes to today’s audience.

Chung Eun’s debut album <Morning> is the first of its kind to win a wide range of audience across different age groups.  While still deeply rooted in the tradition of Korean music, title music “Morning” won the acclaim of both music critics and music lovers its simplicity and originality.

Well known by his eclectic repertoire and wide range of musical style, Chung Eun performed and collaborated over the years with renounced artist such as Bobby McFerrin, British Guitarist legend Martin Taylor, Swedish jazz guitarist Ulf Wakenius, Vocalist Inger Marie, and Composer and Pianist Ryo Kunihiko.

In his latest album <Forest> Chung Eun collaborates with Korean Jazz guitarist Sam Lee, British jazz guitarist Martin Taylor, Swedish jazz guitarist Ulf Wakeniusand the Real Group, a cappella group from Sweden in a contemporary interpretation of Korean Court and folk music through serene and soulful sound of bamboo flutes and modern instruments.  The title music The Starlight Forest is re-interpretation of Yemin Rak, a song of unification, originally compiled by Sejong the Great to share and enjoy with his people in 15th Century.