Ak Dan Gwang Chil

Winner of 2018 KBS Korean Traditional Music Award: Best Group

An expression of North Korean folk music into today’s sentiments

A contemporary interpretation of the spirit of Hwanghae-do (the western provinces of North Korea)

“expressed the sentiment of ‘Han’(grief) that represents Korean traditional sentiment, through classical and popular music genre.” (Hanguk Daily)

“features the most natural traditional music methods in accordance with ‘today’s and ‘contemporary’s taste.” (Korean Central Research Institute)

In celebration of 70 years of Korea's liberation, Ak Dan Gwang Chil (ADGC) aims to express the true meaning of liberation and South Korea's desire to be one. In order to accomplish this, ADGC presents primarily songs from the northern regions of Korea. 

ADGC’s purpose in utilizing the music from gut (spirit ritual music) and minyo (folk song) is to share and communicate with the audience the intense energy originating from gut and minyo. In particular, ADGC presents a staged performance of the energy which comes from the spiritual rituals of the Hwanghae province in the west, which compared to that of other provinces is relatively un-theatricalized. By doing this, ADGC utilizes the music principles of the western provinces to create a unique and distinguishable sound. 

Rather than simply being classified under the label of North Korean music, this project seeks to be an artistic reflection on the meaning of liberation and unification through the music of today, emphasizing that which was once a singular culture and music. 

HYUN SOO KIM (Daeguem), HYANG HEE LEE (Piri & Saenghwang), HYERIM PARK (Ajaeng), MEONDONGMARU WEON (Gayaguem), HYUNJUN CHUN (Percussian), JINYOUNG SUNWOO (Percussian), CHORONG BANG (Singer), HEE RIM WANG (Singer), MINYOUNG AN (Singer)